Wednesday, March 6, 2013

cryptol-mode for Emacs released

I’ve finally released my Emacs mode for Cryptol, the domain specific language for Cryptography, from Galois. For those who aren’t aware, you basically write a cryptographic algorithm in Cryptol, and render it to C or VHDL to be synthesized on something (like my Papilio One!)

At the moment it’s not really useful. It just has syntax highlighting and a REPL launcher. But I’m an Emacs Lisp novice, so this is my great achievement!

It’s available here on GitHub. It supports both marmalade and MELPA for installation, using package.el. If you’re using Emacs 24 or above and have configured your repository, it’s as easy as M-x package-install RET cryptol-mode.

I’d recommend just using MELPA, which will do hourly builds from the git repository. There’s not really anything there that will ‘break’ from using it, so you might as well get the latest features regularly.

I’ll be writing a blog post soon about using Cryptol a little more in depth for a specification of OCB (when I get the time to write it…)

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