Friday, July 22, 2011

Ur/Web at Hac φ

I'll be giving a short talk and presentation on Ur/Web at the next Haskell Hackathon, Hac φ. The talks are scheduled to be between 10-15 minutes, so I'm aiming to have a short spiel for the people who are there in person. But I'm also keeping the slides fairly complete and detailed as possible for those who are interested, but won't be able to make it. I know, slides aren't the best, but I don't think there will be any video recording for the talks, so I'll try to make them as self-contained as I can.

On that note, Pandoc is awesome.

If you're going to be there or want to talk, get in touch with me!

Edit: It's been done, and Hac Phi was a ton of fun! I didn't get the slides as complete as I wanted to (partially due to laziness, gaming and a million other things,) but for the interested, you can find the slides online here.