Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Random updates

It's been a while since I've posted and hopefully I will begin changing that, as I think I'll have more stuff to actively write about.

I've gotten a new job. I'm now a Security Researcher at Rapid7, the home of Metasploit/Nexpose. Most of my job is finding ways of detecting remote vulnerabilities in software (think MS12-020 or the recent Samba bug - CVE-2012-1182 - for examples.)

I've begun a few new pages on my website. Appropriately, one of them is a security section where I hope to write down notes about vulnerabilities in my spare time. My main personal security focus is Kernel exploits and that's what's currently up there, but I'll probably keep writing up anything interesting over there. It's separate from this blog, mostly because I feel this place is dedicated more to talking about my personal endeavours in general as opposed to any one specific thing. If anything, I'll just link to anything I write there from right here and give a short blurb.

Hopefully dust won't gather quite as quickly here as it has in the past. But I've said that before.