Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Homebrew tap

For anyone who’s curious, I’ve taken time over the past few months to accumulate software I like in my own homebrew tap. For those OS X users who aren’t aware, homebrew is pretty much the best package manager there is IMO. For those who use brew and don’t know what taps are, they’re basically tiny extra repositories you can tack on and have brew manage.

The following software is included in there:

  • Caml-light, which is essentially the predecessor to OCaml. Good for teaching and good as an example of implementing a PL.

  • Coccinelle, the semantic patching tool for C code.

  • Compcert, the verifying C compiler.

  • MetaOCaml, which is a version of OCaml 4.00.1 featuring multi-stage programming facilities. (Specifically, this is BER MetaOCaml version N100.)

  • Metis, an automated theorem prover for first order logic.

  • Nix, the purely functional package manager (featuring launchctl integration.)

  • OchaCaml, which is essentially Caml-light extended with delimited continuations and answer type modification.

  • Ott, a tool for writing programming language definitions.

  • Tengine, a fork of nginx.

  • Z3, a super-awesome SMT solver from Microsoft Research.

If you’re a brew user, you can get my tap by just saying:

$ brew tap thoughtpolice/personal
$ brew update

And you’re done. Now go ahead and install all of my formula!

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